Eastern Mennonite University

Information Security and Technology Code of Responsibility

My use of the EMU network constitutes agreement to the following statements:

  1.  I will abide by all EMU Information Systems (IS) Policies at https://helpdesk.emu.edu/confluence/display/HLZ/Information+Systems+Policies.

  1.  I will not engage in prohibited activities, including, but not limited to:
  1. Using technology resources to threaten or harass others, even as a joke.         
  2. Knowingly distributing malware, phishing emails or other malicious communication.
  3.  Attempting to gain access to computers or network accessible resources for which I am not authorized.
  4. Hosting for-profit activities using EMU resources (e.g. selling items for personal profit or promoting a personal business--with the exception of advertisements in the eClassifieds system on www.emu.edu).
  5. Using the EMU network or other technology resources for criminal or malicious activities.

  1. I will respect all copyright laws by not infringing others copyrights .

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) provides strict rules governing the use of copyright protected materials. When EMU receives notification of alleged copyright infringements, the computer owner (if computer is not owned by EMU) or the computer user (if the computer is owned by EMU) will face disciplinary actions outlined in the Responsible Use of Information Technology Resources Policy.

  1. I will report any suspicious activity related to electronic equipment or information systems to the Information Systems Help Desk.